Message from former chairman KAT, Shri Kapil Mohan I.A.S.

Karnataka Appellate Tribunal has undertaken the implementation of Case Watch System (CWS) which aims at utilizing the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to automate the existing processes based on the Act, Rules and Regulations of Karnataka Appellate Tribunal, for speedy disposal of cases and also to improve the communication between the Stake holders. The CWS is being implemented in consultation with e-Governance department, Government of Karnataka. The CWS project is first initiative in the field of quasi judicial bodies in the country, which seeks to use ICT to bring all the Stake holders together at a common platform for delivering speedy and effective justice.

CWS provides seamless access to the information on Karnataka Appellate Tribunal and current status of litigation to eligible stake holders through web portal, kiosks, LCD screens, SMS, emails and mobile apps. CWS has also ensured the speed, transparency and accuracy in case management through Government Process Re-engineering. CWS facilitates the interface of advocates, citizens and other stake holders with Karnataka Appellate Tribunal.

The CWS seeks to engage with not only Stake holders like litigants, citizens and Advocates, but also with other Government Departments, Courts and organizations such as Bar Council, Post Office and Banks etc. For improved and effective implementation of CWS, it is proposed to link it with quasi judicial authorities below Karnataka Appellate Tribunal and Higher Courts to which appeals for decision of Karnataka Appellate Tribunal lies in future and put all the authorities on the same platform for enabling interoperability and seamless transfer of data.

In this regard the Karnataka Appellate Tribunal has now developed an online portal, e-filing system, e-wallet system for advocates and work flow based automation where right from the stage of filing to judgement, all processes are computerized and also processes like scrutiny and defect management are automated. Now the cases are managed efficiently and ease of work is ensured for judges and the members. CWS has inbuilt escalation matrix, has integrated with Bhoomi, Postal department for generation and service of notices etc. It has also developed an interface for dealing with lower courts for ensuring seamless flow of documents. KAT has also established ‘Judicial Service Counters’ at its premises to assist first timers to register in the system.

Till date more than 1700 cases have been e-filed through CWS, more than 1000 advocates have registered with CWS and more than 1000 people have downloaded and installed the mobile app. Numerous Stakeholders including advocates are efficiently using the “Judicial Service Counters”, kiosks and LCD displays, mobile app and web portal.

The CWS can be accessed online at the following Website address:

A mobile application has been developed and can be downloaded from Google Play-store by searching KAT CWS. Download Mobile App.

We seek your valuable co-operation for improving operations of KAT and make it more stake holder friendly through usage of ICT.